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Quality Policy

Quality Policy


Electro-Mechanical Works L.L.C. is dedicated to quality and continual improvement in the services provided to its customers in the scope of MEP Contracting, Facilities Management and other activities. The Company Management recognizes Quality as an essential element and integral part, which leads to success.


We are totally committed to:


  1. Ensure the continued satisfaction of our Customers by strictly meeting and complying with their requirement.

  2. Ensure the strict compliance of all relevant statutory and regulatory requirements.

  3. Continuously strive to achieve improvements through a consistent review and improvement of the system effectiveness.

  4. Ensure that our service is cost effective, reliable, high quality and is delivered on time.

Healthy, Safety & Environment Policy


TRENDS Electro-Mechanical Works L.L.C.(TEMW) is a Company specialized in carrying out MEP Contracting and Facilities Management activities. Its Key Personnel have profound experience in executing various prestigious projects in UAE and the Middle East.


The Company is fully committed to the Principles of Health, Safety and Environmental Performance which encompass the Framework of Operations and accommodates the Requirements of Management, Staff, Workers and the Society, while applying integrated Management Systems for the Environment, occupational Health and Safety leading to continual Performance Improvement.

Healthy, Safety & Environment Policy

The above will be achieved through:


  • Management’s Commitment to prevent Injury and Occupational Diseases and continual Improvement in Environment, Occupational Health and Safety Performance.

  • Strict Compliance with local and international standards, in addition to all laws and legislations related to the scope of work to ensure avoiding, reducing and controlling the Elements that affect occupational Health, Safety and Environment with the aim of preventing Damage.

  • Setting positive Objectives and availing a suitable Work Environment, while reviewing these Objectives to enhance HSE performance.

  • Review the Policy periodically, and as required to ensure that it remains compatible with TEMW’s Scope of Work.

  • Optimum utilization of Resources & Equipment and Application of latest Technologies to cope with the sustainable Development leading to Improvement of Work Performance and loss Prevention.

  • Giving special Attention to Staff Training to develop their personal Skills in carrying out their Tasks and increasing HSE Awareness.

  • All Accidents, Incidents and near misses will be investigated in order to prevent recurrence.


Core Values



Customer Satisfaction

Workforce Health

  • Customer Care.

  • Excellence.

  • Creativity and Innovation.

  • Talent Care.

  • Sustainable Growth.

  • Environmental & Community Care.

  • Our quality of work shall be at par with the set standards and we shall be committed to our quality policy endorsed herein.


  • We shall maintain high level of excellence in technical standards and shall be exemplary for others to emulate.

  • Our safety procedures shall be at par with the set standards and we shall be committed to our HSE policy endorsed herein.


  • We shall follow safe working practices as stipulated by the Authorities and shall maintain our working environment safe, clean and tidy.

  • Customer satisfaction shall remain our principal objective always.


  • We shall adopt high efficiency in our work and be committed to timely completion of projects to the complete satisfaction of our clients.


  • We shall maintain the reputation earned forever.

  • We shall consider our workforce as our most important competitive resource and their health and welfare shall be our utmost priority always.

Quality Policies
HSE Policy

Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

Trends Electromechanical Works LLC seeks to be a responsible corporate entity in all aspects of its operations and activities; so far as is practically possible, given the particular nature of the construction industry, the size of operations and the national laws of the country.


To this end, a series of operating principles under the broad heading of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) have been drawn up to guide employees at all levels in all aspects of their work for the company. Taken together, these principles form the Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives of the company.

Why Safety?

Corporate Governance:

  • Adopt and comply with local laws, applicable international conventions, social and other developments

  • Adopt and implement effective Human Resource Management

  • Adopt and implement Quality, Health, Safety and Environment Management System

  • Periodic review and monitoring performance of divisions vis-à-vis overall company goals.

Ethical Business Conduct

  • Fair treatment of all employees and clients

  • Transparency of business policies and practices


  • Attracting and retaining best talented people

  • Effective implementation of health, safety and environmental practices

  • Specifically identifying, monitoring and eventually controlling the environmental impacts of our activities

  • Identifying, monitoring and reducing consumption of resources

Environment, Health and Safety

The company believes that a proactive Environment Health and Safety Management is imperative for a safe and successful execution of project. 

Employee Policies

The Company recognizes the value of its employees and has identified and assessed their long-term retention as key to the short and long term value to the company. To this end, the Company aims to attract and retain skilled employees and enhance the life/work balance of each individual. The company offers its fulltime staff a range of benefits, including performance related bonus, life insurance, group medical insurance, annual leave with tickets as per contract agreement. Also available to employees are personal development and training programmes relevant to work.


The company contributes to humanitarian causes and support education initiatives in the UAE.

CSR Policy

Safety Handbook Excerpts

Under health and safety legislation all have duties, including employees. You cannot comply with duties unless you understand them, and a safe working environment cannot be properly maintained without employee's co-operation

Employee Responsibility


There are three responsibilitied to each employee but, not limited to these alone.

We are totally committed to:


  1. Co-operate with employers to help them comply with their legal duties, i.e., following safety procedures, site rules, etc.,

  2. Not to interfere with or misuse anything provided for healthy and safety, i.e., discharging the extinguishers, willful abuse of PPEs, etc.,

  3. To safeguard your own safety and others, including the public, who may be affected by your actions, i.e., by reporting or eliminating any hazards seen

In Simple words each employee has to accept the ownership on HSE duties and everyone on project is liable to his part.

Employee Responsibility

Why Safety?

Accident Reporting and First Aid

Why we need safety:

  1. Improves Productivity

  2. Improves Quality

  3. Reduces Costs

  4. Improves Image / Reputation of Company

  5. Legal Compliance

  6. Social & Moral Responsibility

  7. Job Security

Accident Reporting and First Aid


Remember - all accidents, even minor ones, must be reported 

In the Event that you have an accident, you must immediatly report it to your Supervisor and TRENDS Project HSE Officer.

Please advise your Supervisor, if you are suffering from any condition or taking any medication that may affect your health & safety.

First aid kit amd qualified first aiders are available at site. Notices are displayed all around the site guiding you who to approach and how to obtain First Aid Kit.

Health and Safety

Trends always takes the maximum safety measures but don't forget, it starts with you!

We depend on you Please think about safety on the job

Safety Starts With You
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